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I have had Warzone, Mutant Chhronicles RPG, and Fury of teh Clansmen on my shelf for a number of years, but they were put away for other gaming intrest, mostly World War II historicals.
The other day I bought a product called "Quick Shade" drom my local Comic/Hobby store.  I had always meant to touch up my (agian stored) Warhammer Fantasy Empire army, this was the perfect product.
After this I had pleany shading material left, so on to Chronopia figures and Warone figures.
This rekindled my Mutant Chronicles intrest.  I found a copy of Siege of the Citadel on e-bay and bought it.  Played it and I really liked the game.  I found out that game I never looked at - Fury of the Clansmen had similar play mechanics, and the RPG books had conversions!  Silly me I should have played that game a descade ago!

We created a few characters and tried Seige of the Citadel using Fury of the Clansmen rules and the converted characters...this played really well....so the corruption of the Dark Legion has begun anew!

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