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Comander German Section

Report Western Front
2nd SS Das Riech

Hauptstrumfuherer Hans Klanke
We were ordered to assault an area held by the American paratroopers and supported by Sherman and Stuart light tanks platoons.
They held two positions that were vital to the success of our mission.
Luckily we had the powerful King Tiger that we positioned forward with our infantry which consternated the American commanders. They held firm in their entrenchments, and the tanks were delayed in deployment. This allowed us to bring up our reserves of men and panzer IV’s.
Unfortunately we lost a Panzer IV from the command section to the Sherman fire on the right flank, and d a Puma on the left flank. These would be our only armor losses for the day.
We moved into the ruined monastery that provided cover and a firing lane into the American position in the vineyard. We kept them down while our infantry moved to flank. However the American brought some elite paratroopers from the right and eliminated the flanking grenadiers.
With fire power from the monastery we were able to dispatch this threat however. Mean while the PZ IVs and King tiger eliminated the remaining American armor sections.
Once the enemy armor was eliminated we moved the King Tiger and Grenadiers into the vineyard and captured the remaining paratroopers.


Dear Granny,
You undoubtedly have heard about the defeat of my unit by the Jerry's. You probably read about it in the news papers or saw it on the Movie Time News at the picture show. I want to assure you that I am alright, though shaken up at the losses we took. My tank hightailed it outta there after the rest of our unit got tore up pretty bad. It was all our Commander's fault really. He saw that big King Tiger tank and paniced, wouldn't let us got out and fight it but instead sent us all over the place to an get around it. Our British allies did alright and stood firm, but us Americans got our eye blacked and then some. Anyways, I just wanted to write this here letter to let you know I'm safe and sound at least until they throw me into another unit.

All my best,


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